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The benefits of precious plants
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Tisanes: guide pratique pour toute la famille

Dr Claire Laurant-Berthoud
Foreword by Dr Alain Carillon
Illustrations by François de Constantin and Raphaël Beffa

Learn how to prepare the infusions necessary for the prevention, soothing and treatment of most of our daily health problems. This is a very practical introduction to the qualities of phytotherapy for natural health care! Plants were the first and main therapeutic tool at the disposition of mankind, and this remained true for millenia. In many different civilisations and on all continents, plant-based pharmacopoeias were developed and enriched over the years by empirical experience. With an unequalled gift of observation, the Ancients discovered how to understand the medicinal properties of plants. In this book, tradition is allied with current scientific and clinical studies to promote the use of plants, which can be used to heal a number of health problems and diseases. Precious information is shared – the characteristics of about forty plants (parts used, main chemical constituents, spheres of action, properties, indications, precautions for use, recommended associations) and also recipes for your infusions. All this is clearly explained so that you can treat yourself without danger, profit from the benefits of nature, and respond to the growing demand of a society which, faced with galloping economic difficulties, is gladly turning towards phytotherapy. A precious book for learning how to take care of yourself and your friends and family naturally and inexpensively! Claire Laurant-Berthoud is a doctor of anthropology, a specialist in the study of medicinal plants and traditional medical pratices. Passionate about ethnobotanics, she has worked with Mexican traditional midwives for over 25 years. She is also in charge of the scientific documentation for a phyto-homeopathic laboratory,  and participates in the formulation of plant-based medication. The present book is the first platform in which she has made her knowledge available to all!

Collection : « Jouvence Santé »
Format : 13,6 x 22 cm 160 pages
Mots-clés : Tisanes, Phytothérapie, Remèdes naturel
Genre : Santé naturelle, Bien-être