Marie de Mazet

The benefits of precious plants

Our quality

There are four main reasons which explain the high quality of the plants cultivated in the Gardens of Mazet, and consequently the quality of all the products derived from them:

The soil is entirely free from all chemical pollution, and it is rich in trace elements and minerals.
The water used for irrigation is taken at great depth and is perfectly pure -  and also rich in trace elements and minerals.
The harvested plants are dried naturally and slowly, in the "Plant Chapel", a process which allows the plants to retain all their active elements.
Methods of cultivation which, since the beginning in 1995, are entirely "organic".

To this we must add another fundamental, though immaterial, reason – Marie's passion for the mission she has adopted, which is to bring to others all the benefits of her medicinal plants.

The control of this quality is ensured on a daily basis by scrupulous methods of agronomy which are clearly documented so that all our products can be traced. These methods are regularly checked by the organism Ecocert, which guarantees that Mazet conforms with current standards of organic agriculture in all its operations. Apart from this, since Mazet supplies the plants used by an associated laboratory, Sevene Pharma, for the development of their homeopathic medicines, its agricultural methods are also double-checked by the Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé (National Security Agency for Medicines and Health Products)


Furthermore, the Gardens of Mazet were awarded the label "Jardin Remarquable" by the Ministry of Culture, a nomination which informs the public that the gardens are of exceptional quality in terms of their design, plant life and maintenance.